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What is Structured Water®?

Have you noticed when walking by a mountain stream on a hillside that is tumbling down the streambed rocks, constantly swirling and changing directions that there is an undefinable healing energy just in being close to it. I often marvel at the simplicity and power of God's creations when observing the power of water and observing the array of beautiful flowers and plants that are blooming and growing with amazing energy next to it. Water has a depth and intricacy that few understand. Water has the intelligence to heal itself. As it tumbles over rocks and earth, ever spinning and then dropping to another level it builds up a life force that has actually been documented. It is as a light that increases with the increased level of spin. This is the magic of water – it can heal, it can clear negative frequencies, and it can create healing energy.

The Danger of Unstructured Water

Water picks up the frequencies (memory) of whatever it is adjacent to. This can be harmful or healing. When water travels in underground streams, exists as a pond or lake, or even as moisture on a sprinkled lawn - it emanates and picks up the energy that is around it. For instance, if it is by any Wi-Fi (wireless) frequencies or cell tower frequencies, it can pick up those frequencies and increase them. Many cities have very harmful energies. Often areas with many wireless signals and cell towers have a buildup of these energies in the earth structure around them. If moisture is added to the earth in these areas, these negative energies are increased. Geopathic (underground) fault lines will increase geopathic underground radiation in the spring when increased water flow exists.

The Benefits of Structured Water®

When water is run through any of the Natural Action Technologies® Structured Water Units a vortex is created causing the water to spinning rapidly, constantly changing directions, causing the water to become “structured”. All frequencies (memory) are cleared and a greater intelligence begins. Chemicals like chlorine are still there if you test it, but by changing the water molecularly, the toxins are not as readily absorbed. The micronized structured water allows for much better hydration. Nutrients in food and supplements are absorbed better. There is a fluid, healing nature to the water that heals and nourishes the skin and the organs. The skin feels softer and has better health. There is a feeling of well-being (joy) when consuming it and bathing in it. Plants inside and outside will start to grow more abundantly with increased flowering and production of fruits and vegetables. Pets will feel better, more lively, and playful. Lawns will grow better and because of its hydrating properties less water will be required. Nutrients will be more bioavailable.

Bacteria can be drastically reduced or removed, especially in wells. Many people that have had problems with mold, even when using chlorine, or heavy calcification in pools or Jacuzzi's will find this neutralized and reduced with a structured water unit and will be able to reduce the use of chemicals and in some cases not have to use them at all.

What are the benefits of water that has been cleared of all frequencies?

Everything living thing that exists, exists in a vibrational state. When looking at and studying homeopathy you will find that each specific healing preparations has a particular frequency. Bacteria, illnesses, emotions, nutrients, plants, trees, flowers, and humans all have specific frequencies. These homeopathics with particular frequencies are used to heal conditions such as staff, strep, lymes, parasites, etc. and are very powerful when the correct remedy is used. Even when studying essential oils, each particular oil will carry its own frequency or frequencies if it is a blend.

Everything we think and do is a conscious vibration. There is a choice as to whether one exists in a state of hate and anger (a vibrational state of negativity) or in a state of love and gratitude (a vibrational state of positivity). These emotions, although not seen or touched physically, are very powerful. The beauty is that structured water once cleared of any memory is open to picking up and emanating what is around it. Thus, when blessed by prayer, positive meditation, gratitude, etc. it becomes further enhanced to heal. In addition to positive thoughts and emotions, homeopathics and essential oils can be used in it for healing purposes. It also can be grounded to an earth frequency if you have the equipment to do so. Structured water can carry that energy to us by drinking it or bathing in it. Also, structured water is free of any emf, radio frequencies, or any other harmful energies that commonly exist in water that is not structured.


  • Better hydration
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Bacteria, molds, and other toxins are reduced and have difficulty growing
  • Carries a healing life force
  • Chemicals will still be in water, but will not be absorbed as readily
  • Reduces calcification in plumbing
  • Free of any EMF or radio frequencies
  • Will emanate positive energies

Things to remember

  • Structuring is stronger the closer it is to the structured water unit. As distance increases from the unit structured properties decrease. For this reason, best results can be obtained by having unit right at source.
  • Water is best used right after going through structured water unit. Structuring will start to break down in water storage containers with time.
  • When structuring water, the cleaner the water, the better the results. For example, I run spring water through the portable rather than tap water. The taste and results are that much better.
  • As sediment and calcification in pipes and water heater is broken down, sediment will buildup in the water heater. The water heater must be drained periodically to remove sediment. This includes self-cleaning water heaters.
  • Depending on the condition of the water, more whole home units may be needed to take care of hard water conditions or high chlorine levels.
  • Better results will be obtained with Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units. Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units will structure the water 2 to 3 times better than the Original Structured Water Units.

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