October 14, 2009


I thought I would write you a note on how my wife has improved and prevented surgery in the last year.

My wife has a history of very severe coronary artery disease and her veins always want to block up with gunk. In August of 2008 she began to have a very serious problem with dizziness and being red in the face like there was a circulation problem. When she did the Doppler examination on her carotid they came back with the report of left carotid was 91% blocked and her right carotid artery was 83% blocked.

She was told to report to the hospital the next A.M. for surgery. She did by no means want the surgery. We talked it over and she decided to take the chance of continuing to take serapeptase 80,000 Units which she had been taking for two weeks already. In just that short period of time I could see her face color was better and she said she thought she felt better. She continued to take one capsule a day until we ran another test on 9-28-2009. She has been taking serrapeptase for about 13 months faithfully.

This is the results of the test from the Findings letter:

"Slight echogenic plaque involves the bulb bilaterally in the proximal and internal arteries. No stenosis is present. The flow velocities, the spectral wave forms and the I/C ratios are within normal limits. Mild stenosis on the left is present of under 30%. Flow rate is 122 cm/per second. No stenosis is present at all in the right side. The flow velocity is 64 cm/second."

Diagnosis = No significant stenosis is present in either carotid circulation.

She is still taking one capsule a day at night and will for at least another year, after that we will determine what is needed for maintenance

May, my wife, and I wish to thank you for offering to the public such a fine product.



Seguin, Texas


January 13, 2017

When Mary found out that I was dealing with breast cancer issues she suggested that I take the Serra Enzyme 80,000 IU Serrapeptase because of the ability it has to eat away scar tissue. The first thing I noticed was an increase in the amount of bowel movement that I would excrete. Literally I felt I was expelling twice the amount of waste after a few weeks of using the Serra Enzyme.

After several lumpectomy surgeries it seemed to me that I was not scarring as much as one might expect and doctors would comment how nicely I was healing. The product truly seemed to be eating away the scar tissue and possibly even tumors. After using the Serra Enzyme for about 2 1/2 years faithfully everyday I ran out and decided that I was probably ok without it.

Within 4 months I noticed I started having pain in my breasts and made the correlation that the Serrapeptase had indeed been eating away at the scar tissue and reducing pain. Also my bowel movements had decreased drastically in volume after stopping taking the Serrapeptase which was another indication to me that the Serrapeptase had been getting rid of extra tissue. I am now back on the Serrapeptase and will want to continue taking it for the rest of my life for breast issues.

Thank you Mary for your knowledge and insight to such wonderful products. You are a blessing in my life and I greatly appreciate all the wonderful information you so graciously share with me.


Roy, Washington