Serrapeptase: The natural anti-inflammatory
Life Extension Magazine
September 2003

Serrapeptase Research
T.H. Al-Khateeb Corresponding Author, Y. Nusair

Protect Your Heart and Reduce Inflammation with Serrapeptase
Wellness Watchers MD

Impact of Serratiopeptidase Treatment on Performance and Health Parameters in Broiler Chickens
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research 05/2014; 26(2):84-90.

Life Enthusiast

A preliminary trial of serratiopeptidase in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome
J Assoc Physicians India 1999 Dec;47(12):1170-2
Panagariya A, Sharma AK
Dept. of Neurology, SMS Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur.

OBJECTIVES: This study was planned to assess the response of serratiopeptidase in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). METHODS: Twenty patients with CTS were evaluated clinically. After baseline electrophysiological studies, these patients were given serratiopeptidase 10 mg twice daily with initial short course of nimesulide. Clinical and electrophysiological reassessment was done after 6 weeks. RESULTS: Mean age was 43.9 years with male to female ratio of 1:2.33. Sixty five percent cases showed significant clinical improvement which was supported by significant improvement in electrophysiological parameters. Recurrence was reported in four cases. No significant side effect was observed. CONCLUSIONS: Serratiopeptidase therapy may proved to be a useful alternative mode of conservative treatment. Larger study may be further helpful to establish the role of serratiopeptidase in CTS.