Benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil Are Many and Varied
by Rosann Volmert, DO

I am a family practice physician in Pasadena, California. I have been using Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil with my patients for only nine months now, and I have noticed dramatic results. The most dramatic of these is the effect the oils have had on lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension. This effect has enabled several of my patients to lower their dose of prescription medication, and hopefully eliminate it all together. In addition, I have found that patients have lost weight and lowered their blood sugars without any change in diet or activity. I have also had reports of less stiffness and pain of joints in arthritic and temporomandibular joint dysfunction patients, improvement in eczema, elevated mood in depressed patients, lessening of symptoms of PMS and increased energy and overall well being. I have a very small practice so these testaments are drawn from a few patients here and there, but they are indicative of tremendous benefits for a large number of people.

All of this has really illustrated for me the huge nutritional deficiency people have been suffering from due to a fear of cholesterol. For many years now a fear of cholesterol-containing foods has kept people from consuming healthy amounts of butter, eggs, cheese, milk, animal fats and many other foods rich in nutritious fats and fat-soluble vitamins. It is no wonder that the vitamin D level is pitifully low in 95 percent of my patients. Due to continued bias against cholesterol-rich foods, I am at times unable to convince my patients to eat more of these foods. However, I have been successful in getting them to take the Green Pasture's oils. This is mainly because they are easy to take, and only small amounts are needed. Using these products has enabled me to give back to my patients the fat-soluble nutrients their bodies have been lacking for some time now, and they are feeling better for it.

Because Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oils and butter oils contain such a wide variety and potency of fat-soluble nutrients, they not only enhance my patients' lives, but simplify them as well. Patients are able to take much less cod liver oil than with their old brand and eliminate the need for additional supplements, which are lacking in other brands. (I recommend 3 ml or 3/4 teaspoon fermented cod liver oil and 2.5 ml or 1/2 teaspoon butter oil.) When I introduce them to the oils, I ask them to bring in all the supplements they are taking. I show them that with taking this oil combo they can eliminate one-half to two-thirds of their other supplements, and sometimes all of them. Often my patients are taking so many different types of synthetic vitamins, they literally walk in with a big box full of them. The reason they are taking so many is because each bottle usually contains only one or maybe a couple types of synthetic vitamins or nutrients. Obtaining nutrients through natural food sources allows them a more potent and broader range of nutrition, thus eliminating the need for boxes of bottles and huge dosing.

One of the nutrients found in cod liver oil is vitamin D. I found that it took just 2,800 IU of the vitamin D contained in Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oil in combination with the butter oil to raise one patient's serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D level from 12.6 ng/ml to 82.3 ng/ml in just three months. According to the guidelines for supplementing synthetic vitamin D3 it would have taken 7,000 IU to achieve this and without all the benefits of the many other fat-soluble nutrients found in these oils. What a testament to the power of nutrients in their natural form!

I am finding similar results in other patients. Several have raised their vitamin D levels from the teens or low twenties into the forties within several months using the combination of fermented cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil alone, in easy-to-take capsule form, and without any other vitamin D supplementation. Since the patients are also getting substantial amounts of vitamin A with this regimen, it is difficult to conclude that vitamin A interferes with vitamin D assimilation as critics of cod liver oil have claimed

Laura Margaritis, ND, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Since I started using fermented cod liver oil in my naturopathic practice, I have two completely resolved cases of endometriosis, women experiencing pain-free periods for the first time in their lives, surprisingly within two or three weeks of starting the fermented cod liver oil at a dose of 5 ml per day. Up to this point in my six-year career, I had yet to have any luck whatsoever when it came to endometriosis. I have another very complicated case of endometriosis combined with Wolf-Parkinson's-White-like heart problems and this particular woman experienced twelve to fifteen days of excruciating pain monthly related to the endometriosis. Within six weeks of starting the fermented cod liver oil she is down to three days of pain per month, which she is thrilled about. While her WPW symptoms persist, her endometriosis symptoms are all but a thing of the past. Again, I put her on a dose of 5 ml per day. I have another patient who came to me, a mother in her thirties, who was experiencing hair thinning and had not had a period in over nine months for no apparent reason. Within three weeks of starting the fermented cod liver oil, she had a period again.

JI, Pacific Northwest

I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for over seventeen years. At first, when I took the fermented cod liver oil, it gave me a headache so I stopped taking it. After I had the flu awhile back, I was left with a symptom where I could not lie down without feeling like I was smothering, even though I could breathe fine. This was accompanied by deep anxiety. The doctor suggested I had a classic symptom of congestive heart failure and suggested an angiogram, but that wasn't really an option for me because I have terrible reactions to drugs. Meanwhile, I found out I had low vitamin D levels (I live north of Seattle, WA) and learned that low vitamin D can cause heart problems. I started taking vitamin D3 and it helped a bit but I kept needing more to keep the awful smothering symptom away. I was up to 6,000 IU per day of D3 but kept feeling colder and colder and sleeping more fitfully. Finally, I got to the point where I didn't sleep all night and I knew it was the vitamin D keeping me awake. Fortunately, I had just bought some raw Jersey milk for my husband, not for myself, because I thought milk didn't agree with me, but I tasted his and decided to have a glass of my own because it was so good. It calmed my nerves and I was able to sleep. Then I decided to try taking the fermented cod liver oil again because I knew I needed to get vitamin D somehow. The first dose did give me a headache for a short time, but I felt some well being afterwards. So for the past nine days I've been drinking three glasses of raw milk per day with no digestive upset and taking one to one and one-half teaspoons fermented cod liver oil daily. Pain and inflammation seem to be subsiding, my energy is improving, the constant feeling of heat and pressure in my head is gone, and I am so amazed and grateful that the awful smothering feeling is quickly becoming a bad memory. As an added bonus, I no longer feel bothered at all by the gray Pacific Northwest winter days. Given the improvement I have experienced in just a few days, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens as this winter progresses and I keep taking cod liver oil and drinking raw creamy milk!


Fermented Cod Liver Oil Testimonials

We've been using high-vitamin cod liver oil and the butter oil for the Weston Price protocol for several years. The biggest changes reported have been improved muscle strength, stamina and immunity. I have also noted improved moods in my family, they are less irritable. I also feel the Weston Price protocol, including bone broths, raw goat milk kefir, etc., helped save my mother's life when she was stricken with severe sepsis several years ago. The frequent drops of cod liver oil and butter oil appeared to increase her strength and improve her ability to absorb and utilize her food.